okay so I literally haven’t purposely used this blog in months, 9 months specifically. I just..stopped because it got stressful because I only blogged for my followers, not for myself. Every day I went out of my way to look for pictures I thought people would like and it just was too much for me at the time (since it was around the time when I was graduating high school) and then sooner than later I divulged into my depression even more after being dumped
I just felt like I never really told anyone why I stopped using this..especially based on the fact that people still follow and continue to follow this blog despite its inactivity. Also, I still don’t plan on using this blog again anytime soon, maybe in the future like the summer or something but not now. I have a personal, though, if you wanna keep in contact with me or follow me for my ramblings or whatever
ok ya I mean nobody probably cares but I just wanted to let people know if they ever wondered
ok bye

I never post pics of myself so hi
New year new me!!!!
my hair looks funny but w/e
I don’t know what it is yet, but I can’t stop staring  at it……
ugh I have to write an essay about an artist’s painting and i’m just so tired for no reason
shawty said l-l-lick like a lollipop
going out to dinner mmm
hi me